Giddeon Garber

Accomplished software developer with a wide variety of skills. More than ten years of professional experience in embedded software development, internal tools design, DevOps, QA, web development and web design. Highly knowledgeable about software design, real-time programming, user interfaces and several programming languages. Familiar with many OS and CPU architectures. Excellent technical and communication skills. Goal-oriented with a focus on sustainable software architectures. Startup specialist capable of quickly reacting to changing requirements. Always looking for a new intellectual challenge.

Broadcom Ltd, Petaluma CA
Principal Software Engineer
Firmware Design, Tools, CI
February 2016 - Present

Continuing position from Broadcom Corp, specialized in embedded software design for EPON, GPON and XGPON optical networks while continuing to maintain and update an extensive internal tools infrastructure.

Broadcom Corp, Petaluma CA
Senior Software Engineer
Firmware Design, Tools, CI
March 2010 - February 2016

Specialized in embedded software design for EPON, GPON and XGPON optical networking.
Designed a C software API for the first combined EPON / GPON / XGPON OLT device.
Built and maintained an XML-based code generation infrastructure in C# capable of generating C code, C# code and documenation.
Successfully integrated software teams in California, Israel and China with very different design methodoligies.
Maintained and updated a C# codebase with millions of lines of code almost single-handedly.
Consistently ranked one of the very best software engineers amongst a team of 20-30.

Teknovus, Petaluma CA
Software Engineer
Internal Tools, CI
June 2005 - March 2010

Created user interfaces in C# for cutting-edge EPON optical networking solutions.
Developed original PC-based applications to increase engineer productivity.
Responsible for organizing and maintaining build environments with many different cross-compilers and source control systems.
Developed embedded firmware in C for the ARM and 8051 microprocessors.
Developed and maintained a C# script-based firmware testing platform, including the coordination of several types of Ethernet traffic generators.
Worked closely with customers, including working directly with Japanese customers in Japan.

Elliott Burke
We Design / Webmaster
February 2004 - Present

Wrote and maintained professional photographer's personal site "" using strict XHTML and CSS.

Cazadero Properties
We Design / Webmaster
January 1997 - March 2008

Wrote original site in HTML in 1997, then rewrote it in PHP many years later.
Maintained inventory of listings/photos using PHP, Javascript and Photoshop scripts.

Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, 2005
Minor: Mathematics
GPA: 3.923 / 4.0


Graduated Summa Cum Laude.
Awarded "Graduation with Distinction" from the SSU Computer Science Department.
Won the first two SSU computer programming competitions.

Extracurricular Activities

Participated in the SSU computer programming team.
President of the SSU Japanese Animation club for 3 years.

Other Skills

Low to intermediate level Japanese language skills.

Programming Languages

Mastery of C and C#. Extensive experience with Python, Go, F#, SQL, XML, HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP. Experience with Java, C++, TCL, Haskell, Lisp, Elm, TypeScript, VBScript, Visual Basic, Assembly.


Ethernet, optical networking (EPON and GPON).


MS Windows. Linux for PC, server and embedded. Microprocessors including 8051, ARM and ARC. Several RTOS including ThreadX, VxWorks and bare-bones.


Visual Studio, Perforce, Git, Jenkins, JIRA, MS SQL Server, MySQL, MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, Google enterprise suite, vim.